HALU Massage Training 
     ~ Group  or  One to one ~ 

Halu is a massage style and massage teaching system. It mixes the knowledge from Remedial Massage with two Japanese Osteopathic systems, the Minami and Ken Yamamoto techniques. It is unique, because rather than concentrating on a patient’s tight areas or pain, it looks for the underlying cause in the patients body balance and posture.


What can I learn?


  • Techniques to correct pelvis position

  • Better therapist massage posture

  • How to work a patient’s muscles deeply, without getting sore yourself!

  • Sophisticated towel work

  • Client exercises and client education techniques

  • How to check for imbalances in your patient

  • How to find target muscles


Why should I study?


  • To skill up and learn powerful new techniques

  • To learn the right way to use strong pressure

  • To learn better self care and avoid sore arms and wrists while working

  • For a review and a new take on anatomy

  • To learn how to make a patient relax!


What is the course duration?

  • The course is an all day seminar, of around six delivery hours

  • It is suggested that potential students have at least a certificate 4 in massage therapy or three years of equivalent experience before attending the course


Japanese SEITAI Therapy

(Body engineering) 

Initial session 60mins

(inc, consultation)



 30mins / $50

 45mins / $80

 60minis / $100

 Remedial Oil massage

(only in Haymarket)


30mins    $50

45mins    $80

  60mins    $100

 90mins    $150

Booking only 

 Private insurance available 



Booking only 

Location 1




alpha remedial massage clinic


793 George street, Haymarket  

Sun 10:00 ~ 18:00

Mon :  Close 

Tuesday ~ Saturday

10:00 ~ 20:00

Location 2


79A Grandview street Pymble  (above cafe)

 (9:00 ~ 20:00 Only Fridays)​

​​last appointment: 19:00


Click here ⬆️⬆️

 "How to get Pymble clinic"


 0402 922 505

  SMS to make an apointment

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