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SEITAI is the most well known alternative therapy in Japan. 
It has ancient history from approximately more than 500 years.  

It is a Japanese therapeutic massage that focuses on healing your body holistically. It restores proper skeletal frame by realigning your core body parts including pelvis, backbone and removes gaps between your bones to lighten your body. Instead of directly adjusting skeletal structures, SEITAI works by manipulating soft tissues to naturally heal your skeletal structures.    
Key benefits of SEITAI is that it can :
・Help prevent further injuries through detecting body stiffness, distortion, or gaps between your bones, leading to early operation.
・Uses non-invasive massage techniques.
・Removes any tense to your body and improves your blood flow, which helps heal injuries such as a sprain faster.

​It is important to note that SEITAI is not the same as Chiropractic, as it never involves direct adjustments of the Skeleton.  It is a holistic and natural healing approach that allows the body to self-heal and reduce your body pain.

​In Youtube, we are taking about

1. what is SEITAI?
2. What type of technique they use? 
3.  Their policy   and more and more. 

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