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    from 80years old runner

Had Frozen shoulder and                             knocking fingers →

Doctor 30th Male   ~ Exhaustion ~
I found here on Gumtree.   I was very tired and had back muscle spasm 2times and fracture.
I really relaxed and no pain next day.  Thanks a lot. 

Engineer 40th  Male  ~ Sciatica ~
I've got a sciatica about 7 years ago but I'm getting better.  In this case I've asked her to check my body.
I usually use the special-designed orthotics to adjust my unbalanced leg.  
But after two times of her treatment, I'm trying to walk without this special orthotics.  That's amazing.
My treatment is on at the moment but I'm happy to see my positive change.
I strongly recommend her treatment for all of you. 

Carpenter 56 Male   ~Arm pain~
Thank you so much Mayumi for seeing me today on short notice.  I came to Mayumi with an injury from my building work where I had very limited range of movement in my left arm and little rotation without jabbing pain.   It meant I could not work... Ten hours after your first treatment I now have about 80% range in elbow bend and rotation without pain which means I'm able to work....yay. 
I did had more movement and less pain when I finished your treatment but I still had work to do...sorry..
I can't say I've ever walked out of a physiotherapist with such a good outcome...
It was fascinating to see and feel you working on other parts of my body during the treatment that clearly impacted on my arm but I would have thought had no relevance..
Thanks for the suggested stretches and exercises   I look forward to my follow up treatment next week

Physio Therapist 20th Male  ~Immune system disorder~
OMG! You are very good!!!
​Reiki trainer  40th Female  ~Fatigue~
Id never had such wonderful feeling after oil massage before.    Its just like reborn. 

Nail therapist   30th  Female  ~Right calf pain for 15years~
Great experience with MH clinic.
I always felt very uncomfortable tension on my right calf for at least for 15yrs and it often got swollen with pain and woke me up in the middle of the night.  Mayumi examined the structure of the muscle and skeleton very carefully, gave me some massage and told me where the actual problem seemed to be! Non of other doctors or therapists I had seen told me this...but she said it was my big toe on my right foot. She advised me to do a little exercise using the toe, which I can do anytime at home/work. It's been a while since I started doing it. So far I don't have one of the painful nights I used to have! It's just fabulous.  If you have problems on your body, I highly recommend to visit her. Thank you MH clinic!

IT office worker 35 Male   ~ Shoulder discomfort ~
Thank you for repairing my body. I had discomfort in my upper shoulders and neck due to long hours working within an office environment.  Great and friendly advice with a smile, after treatment I felt I had a brand new body!   This has only been my 2nd visit but will definitely be back next time. Highly recommended A++

Dancer  28 Male   ~Shoulder pain~ 
She is the best therapist in Australia!

Massage therapist   30th  Female  ~Scoliosis~
I have a little bit of scoliosis which makes me a bit imbalance. After Mayumi's treatment made my body more balance. Service is excellent and advice is very helpful. Highly recommended.

Landscaper   28  Male   ~ Head, Neck,Back,Knee,Hip &Shoulder~
I am a busy landscaper with very physical demands in my body. Every visit to MH Clinic is like my body has gone for a holiday. I give Mayumi and MH Clinic my highest recommendation. Head, neck, back, knee, hip and shoulder pain all have been relieved and fixed by Mayumi over the last 5 years. She books to fix you not books to rebook you. Truly amazing!

House wife  41 Female  ~ Back and Arms~
I've been to see Mayumi several times for treatments of soreness in my back & arms. She always gives really good relief from the pain and I walk away feeling more freedom of movement. It was comfortable to bring my baby during a treatment. She is very reliable & professional. I highly recommend her treatments.

Singer  40th Female   ~Neck & Hip joint~
Mayumi's got an amazing hands and knowledge. She found which part of body made my pain, and eased it using her skills. My hip joint and neck were distorted, but those were adjusted to the correct position. She taught me how to stretch my muscle, and how to maintain my body at home daily. Her clinic is nice and neat, and so comfortable. I would recommend her therapy to everybody.

Actor  40th    Male  ~Ankle problem~
She helped my ankle problems I was having for a long time.    Recommend!

Office worker   30th   Female   ~Pain whole body~
Mayumi will not only ease your problem but may also cure it. She is truly amazing with her hands and knowledge!

Hairdresser  30th Female  ~ Back, Shoulder and Arm pain~
Love the treatments and massages from Mayumi ! She's so professional and always does her best to make u feel better. Her Treatment helped a lot my back, shoulder and arms pain after the repetitive positions at my work. Would always come back! ♡
Office worker   40th   Male   ~Sciatica~
I have been to several specialists and clinics over the years and this has been by far the most effective for me. My treatment for SCIATICA has shown speedy results. I have never felt so good. Mayumi has a self-assured and calming presence which gives me utter confidence in her treatment. I would recommend her to anyone. Thank you Mayumi I am so glad that I found you.

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