Way to recovery


 As you can see, everyone has a different recovery cycle. Some people improve after 1session, some people improve little by little each sessions and some don’t experience much change, only to dramatically improve all at once! This is why we recommend a series of any treatments, because even if you do improve quickly, you will likely need to change your postural habits and spend some time following your personalised after care routine, or risk your symptoms returning. Try Seitai technique and you will see the diffe


Are you guilty of doing any of these? Most of us are. Your MHClinic stretching routine is designed to help offset these bad habits.



More common posture mistakes.

Check your lifestyle!

It might be causing your pain.


Japanese SEITAI Therapy

(Body engineering) 

Initial session 60mins

(inc, consultation)



 30mins / $50

 45mins / $80

 60minis / $100

 Remedial Oil massage

(only in Haymarket)


30mins    $50

45mins    $80

  60mins    $100

 90mins    $150

Booking only 

 Private insurance available 



Booking only 

Location 1




alpha remedial massage clinic


793 George street, Haymarket  

Sun 10:00 ~ 18:00

Mon :  Close 

Tuesday ~ Saturday

10:00 ~ 20:00

Location 2


79A Grandview street Pymble  (above cafe)

 (9:00 ~ 20:00 Only Fridays)​

​​last appointment: 19:00


Click here ⬆️⬆️

 "How to get Pymble clinic"


 0402 922 505

  SMS to make an apointment

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