Donate 5% of amount to the National Rehabilitation Center 

for Children with Disabilities.

 Japanese SEITAI Remedy 

(Initial session 45~60mins)


Follow-up 30mins /$50

 45mins / $80

60minis / $100


 Remedial Oil massage

(only in Pymble)


30mins    $50

45mins    $80

  60mins    $100

  90mins    $150



SEITAI 60min 

「 5 treatments set 

(only for follow-up session)


  $500  =>  $480

Pregnancy massage

       30mins     $60

​       45mins     $90

60mins    $110

90mins    $160

Booking priority 

Private insurance available 



Booking priority 

Location 1

 Suite4, Lv2,

55 Grandview st


(in North Shore Integrative Health Centre)

 (9:00 ~ 20:00 Tue,Fri & Sat)


how to get the Pymble clinic 




Location 2​

402/235 Clarence street, Sydney​ 

(9:00 ~ 20:00 only Wed


 0402 922 505


  SMS or CALL ME  

to make an apointment

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 It is the most efficient therapeutic therapy. 

My signature method SEITAI is No1 known alternative therapy in Japan.  

It has unique combination of Eastern and Western technique.

I take remedial massage theory and blend it with traditional Japanese Osteopathy, Shiatsu and energy work.

In this way we don’t just target where you’re hurting now, but get to the root of the problem, because the cause of your pain might be coming from a very different part of your body to where you feel it!

I look at your daily routine, postural habits and lifestyle to make suggestions about what you can change to make our sessions effective for the long term.

I aim to give you a balanced body, improved immunes system,natural healing system and better posture, leading to a happier, healthier life!

​I strongly believe that only you can fix your body yourself!!

Who comes to MHClinic?

・From 7years old children to over 80years. 

​・People nearly give up to fix and couldn't improve after any treatments.

SO, come  here if you have been suffering from :


Neck, shoulder or arm soreness

Upper or lower back pain

Hip, leg or foot pain

Sports injuries


Osgood-Schlater disease

Increase immune system

Pre & Post operation

Plantar fasciitis


Unknown symptoms


Mental problems



Contact me today!

You are recommended minimum of 3〜4 sessions of SEITAI therapy as

your body needs bit of time to update from your history.

You also are given "home work" better follow them if you really want to fix it.


Please note:

All bodies and problems are different, so treatment results may vary.


Bookings are essential.

                       Private health insurance rebates available.                         

*This treatment is good for increasing immune system

and update what your body/brain remembers. 

*You will get healthy body without fatigue/pain/tightness/stress.   


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