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Initial session 60mins/ $100 

Follow up 60mins / $100

45mins / $80

30mins / $50

SEITAI is the most popular natural therapeutic treatment in Japan.

In SEITAI session, you are checked whole body balance, corrected pelvis tilt, increase immune system and of course easing pain with gentle manipulation. 

30mins / $50
45mins / $80
60mins / $100
90mins / $130

This Remedial massage is a combination of unique Japanese methods and theories.

​It is ideal for stress release and desk work symptoms.

​For both treatments,

I follow and practice KYT (Dr Ken Yamamoto Technique) and Nihon-dento ryoho日本伝統療法 (Dr Minami method) as I've done for many years.

KYT is a new therapy to suggest the position of the anatomical position of the human body. KYT is based on Osteopathy

makes eases pain without touching the main site of complaint.

Nihon-dento-ryoho method brings out the natural healing power of our body using meridian lines and pressure points.


He also teaches how to do distance treatment and heal patients without touch their body.  

Today, there are so many techniques and theories around you they work in a different way.

It’s important to rely on the person has knowledge, respective and trustable. 

I am always trying to read the body of you and ensure that I understand your cause of problem. 

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